About edition KAWAI

Welcome to edition KAWAI, a division of Zen-On Music Co., Ltd. As the distinguished publisher of choral work in Japan, we are releasing a large number of products; musical scores and books, teaching material for musical education, music therapy-related books, and picture books for children. We aim to introduce Japanese composers and their works to all over the world.

■Choral Works

We are Japan’s leading company in the field of choral score publication. We provide lots of works.English text is available on some works.

Please find our latest news at the top page of the website. We also provide annual catalog (published in February, Japanese only). and annual chorus catalog (published in August, Japanese only).

■Piano Works

  • “Miyoshi Piano Method” --remarkable & innovative method for piano learning--

<English translation included>
Akira Miyoshi,worked out the learning method consisting of 12 propositions. This method will bring a new experience to all learners of the piano.

  1. “The Piano Pieces For Children” --the series of commissioned works by Japanese composers--
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edition KAWAI, a division of Zen-On Music Co., Ltd. 
2-13-3 Kamiochiai, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan Tel +81 3 3227 6286/Fax +81 3 3227 6296